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Believe or not but YES! All Portable hoops that have a 3 to 4 inch, round or square vertical post, can be inserted directly into the PROBASE. Once the plastic base is completely detached from the basketball hoop post, you simply insert it directly into the PROBASE. That’s it!

For all angled portable basketball hoops, a simple modification is required to convert the angled post into a straight upright position post. You will find the complete procedure in the ANGLED HOOP CONVERSION GUIDE (PDF) available in the USER GUIDE section of this Website.

Oh Yes. No more stress with high winds! Tests done on the PROBASE confirm that it could easily withstand winds of 60 miles per hour (105 km/h) and support a weight of 500 lbs (230 kg) on the rim.

If you have two legs, two arms and a head ….you will be fine!
The PROBASE has been designed so that it can be installed easily by anyone.
It’s simple and intuitive assembly will be put together quickly and easily regardless of your skill level. You will find video and a complete installation procedure in the PROBASE INSTALLATION GUIDE (PDF and video) available in the USER GUIDES section of the Website.

Easy to answer. To install your PROBASE, you will only need 3 common tools.

Tool # 1 . A sledgehammer of 10 lbs or more
The sledgehammer will allow you to push the PROBASE into the ground by hitting the solid plastic block included with the PROBASE.

Tool # 2. A ratchet with 17mm socket OR a 17mm wrench
The 17mm socket or 17mm wrench, will allow you to tighten the 24 identical bolts that are needed to assemble the PROBASE.

Tool #3. A level (no matter size)
The level will allow you to adjust the PROBASE level in any direction. Your PROBASE will always make your basketball hoop perfectly straight and safe.

Good question. The answer is YES! The PROBASE can be used in all type of soil.
The most important thing to remember is that, no matter what type of soil you have, the PROBASE must always be pushed into the ground until the base of its pivot is pressed against the ground. (26 inches deep) If you cannot push it completely due to the presence of an obstacle in the ground, you will have to consider another location. Often a move of only a few inches is enough.

CROOKED? No problem. The PROBASE has been specially designed to correct this type of situation. The pivot allows a correction of 15 degrees in all directions. The levelling is always quick, simple and accurate. It is guaranteed that your basketball hoop will always be perfectly straight.

Absolutely! There is a procedure that explains how to extract easily the PROBASE from the ground. The video and the simple procedure described in the installation Guide available on the Website.

Your PROBASE can easily stay outside under the snow while you play hockey.
However, if you wish to remove it for storage during winter, it’s so simple. Only detach the upper section of the PROBASE and store it. The section pushed into the ground can remain in place all times. Reinstallation in spring will be quick and easy.

How Many years you asked? The PROBASE, like an army tank, is built of 100% steel! Strong and durable, the PROBASE will be yours forever and more!